Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Where have you been?

I've been gone in forever. Recently I've just been feeling a little overwhelmed by university work and life. I've basically just been finding everything really tough. My solution so far has been hiding under my duvet until it's dark and then emerging to eat food. I've realised this isn't really a great way to deal with anything and so have decided to take this blog, my blog, a lot more seriously. I hope it'll act as a good, creative outlet!

I'm going to start making posts at least weekly. I really want to do more outfits of the days, more reviews and more insights into my actual life rather than just an online life.
If you've ever read my posts before I hope you notice the change. If you've never read a post before then you're tuning in just at the right time woo!

In new news I have just been made Editor in Chief of The Tab Norwich. I'm really excited about this. I think I posted aaaages ago about being made Features Editor but, obviously, Editor in Chief is a huge step up from this. Initially I've been shocked by the amount of work truly involved in running a student newspaper but I'm really enjoying it and excited about getting to work properly.

Oh I've also cut the majority of my hair off. I know after what I've just said this must sound like a mid life crisis but it really wasn't. Much as I loved my luscious, curly locks they were in disgusting condition and needed lopping off. I dunno whether I'm going to grow it all back yet but for the moment I am enjoying the "short hurr don't curr" lifestyle.

Yeah so there we go. Let's hope this works.
I gotta go look for my camera!
Love, Maisie