Friday, 25 October 2013

Make It Highstreet | Halloween Idols - Emily/Corpse Bride


For me, halloween isn't complete without a good Tim Burton film. Growing up, 'Nightmare Before Christmas' was a staple in my video collection, I watched it obsessively (even though the oogie-boogie man terrified me). 

At first I thought about having Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas as one of my 'Halloween Idols' but then I started thinking about other Tim Burton animated characters and I thought of Emily from The Corpse Bride. Emily's clothes are really ethereal and although a wedding dress might not be great everyday wear for everyone (shame) the draped yet constructed style does make for good autumn-wear.

Blue isn't a colour I wear a lot of which is a bit of a shame really (must rectify that). There's so many different shade of blue and dark navy, like the colour of these shoes works really well in the colder months. Also I think darker or more extreme make up works better in the winter. In the summer the last thing I want is a load of make up sweating around on my face but when it's a bit more wintery why not try a more out-there lip colour?

If you are thinking of dressing up as Emily for halloween it seems like it's a pretty easy look. You could either do it a casual way with a drapey skirt and some blue eyeshadow or go all out using this tutorial! Whatever way it'd look pretty cool.

Hope you're enjoying this little series...lemme know who you're dressing up as this year

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Make It Hightstreet | Halloween Idols - Morticia Addams


As I've said in previous posts, I've got a bit of a soft spot for halloween. So I thought this year I'd do a little mini-series of posts for the week leading up to the ghostly day focussing on those fashionistas that lurk among the classic halloween costumes. Taking their signature look and making them a bit more day to day and a bit more achievable.

First of my halloween idols is the first lady of creep herself, Morticia Addams. Morticia's clothes might seem a bit dated and dreary but I think she personifies halloween glamour. I try to wear a lot of black so for me this character is perfect. Her outfit choices are so interesting considering she has such a limited palette choice. The layering is perfect for the winter, it's too cold for a dress but whack on a detailed cardigan or cover-all and problem solved! Plus chunky rings and over-zealous accessories are always a winner in my book, especially in the winter when I always feel like my wardrobe has got a little bit drab.

Moriticia's outfits probably are a bit too costume-y for day to day wear but her make-up could definitely be used as inspiration for a night-out look. A dark smokey eye and classic red lip are a go-to look and there's about 1000 tutorials online for them (maybe don't mention the Addams family if someone compliments you on how glam you look...). I've included GOSH black eyeshadow just because I used to love doing a super simple smokey eye with it and Kate Moss lipstick because they're just awesome!

 Rimmel London Kate Lasting Finish in 001 // Black Lace Maxi, New Look // Black Gem Cocktail Ring, River Island // Velvet Maxi Skirt, // Fortune Teller Rose Quartz Necklace, Shop Dixi // Zelda Multistone Amulet Ring, Shop Dixi // GOSH Eyeshadow in 006 Black // The Shredder Crop, Black Milk Clothing

So who are your glamorous halloween idols? What are you dressing up as this year? Lemme know...

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

It's the most spookiest time of the year | Black Milk - All Killer No Filler 2013

Well hey there,

It's October, it has been for a while but this year has gone so quick I feel like I've only just really realised it is! I quite like October as a month. Firstly, autumn FRICKIN' RAWRKS! Winter coats and wooly jumpers yes please. Also, 31st October is the spookiest of all the holidays, Halloweeeeen!! I love halloween because it combines all my favourite things; dressing up, sweets and drinking.

Anyway, I'm going to do a little series of posts in the week running up to Halloween but I thought I'd add in a little extra early one, forget the tricks I'm all about the treats...

Black Milk is a brand I've fallen mildly in love with recently. I think it's because I have the penchant for novelty clothes which Black Milk fulfills in every kind of way. They've done some amazing collections before but their halloween ones really are something special. I love how out there the designs are, they steer clear of a lot of the halloween stereotypes which makes it that much cooler.

Black Milk definitely has a bit of a price tag but from what I've heard about them the quality is well worth it! I feel like the pieces would work really well if you've been invited to a halloween party but dressing up is not your cup of tea. Chuck a pair of leggings on with a t shirt or a body suit on under a pair of shorts and you've got yourself an instant go-to costume which will last you a good couple of halloweens!

I have found myself particularly lusting over the 'Mechanical Mermaid' leggings wishing my bank balance (and figure) was a bit more forgiving to that much lycra!

So do you like Black Milk? Have you had a look through their collections - they're really something! 

P.s I'm trying to be a lot more active on my blog at the moment so hope you like the more regular posts. If you have any suggestions for other posts plzzzz let me know...

Zombie Nation Skater Dress, $85 // Dem Guts Swimsuit, $95 // Mogwai Swimsuit , $100 // Corpse Bride Leggings, $85 // Mechanical Mermaid White Leggings, $75 // Bee Skater Dress, $85 // (All prices shown in AUD) 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Where I've Been | Club to Catwalk at the V&A


Last weekend I headed down to London for the day. I originally went down to see my mum and go to a protest (because my mum and I love conventional mother-daughter activities). Anyway, whilst we were down there we decided to head to the V&A and have a look round the 'Club to Catwalk' exhibition they've got there at the moment.

The exhibition showcases some of the best that the eighties have to offer! Including work from Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Betty Jackson and so many more - it's a who's who of London fashion.
Trojan and Mark at Taboo, 1986, copyright Derek Ridgers.
The exhibition was really interesting in that it showed not only the designer, catwalk pieces but also the amazing garments that people were wearing to go clubbing in! I'm telling you, people in clubs dress like slobs these days compared the masterpieces that the V&A were showing! It made me a little sad that these beautiful clothes were sat on dummies in a museum when they were made for dancing and drinking but I loved looking at them so I definitely wasn't going to complain!

Clubbing in the 80s looked amazing. It's not something I knew a huge amount about but there was loads of information about some of the most famous clubs in London (Blitz, Billy's, the Club for Heroes) and their extremely selective dress policy.

The Cloth, Summer Summit, 1985, copyright Anita Corbin.
There was also some fabulous videos of the catwalks in the 80s including the likes of Boy George and Suggs strutting their stuff! The models looked like they were having so much fun, such a change from the Fashion Week catwalks we see now!

The big highlight of the exhibition for me was the iconic highway man outfit worn by the actual Adam Ant! I'm a big fan of Adam Ant and I couldn't quite believe I was really stood in front of his very own leather trousers whilst loads of other visitors seemed to be breezing straight past them!
Stay Alive in 85, Designed by Katherine Hamnett, 1984, Copyright Victoria & Albert Museum, London
If you love a bit of lycra and a good sprinkle of sequins this is definitely the exhibition for you! It was only 5 quid for a ticket and I spent at least an hour and a half in there. The care and detail that was put into the clothes made them works of art. Definitely worth a visit!

Unfortunately you weren't able to take photos in the exhibit...but I've included a few from the website and included the copyright. 

Friday, 11 October 2013

You old tartan!

Tartan is set to be a masssssive trend for winter! Everywhere I seem to go I see it and the worst thing is...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I'm a massive sucker for the original red tartan pattern but also absolutely love the dark green style I've seen about on the high street.

Every time I walk into a shop I can almost hear my bank balance whimpering "No...stay away from the tartan Maisie...we don't think we'll survive it". Luckily so far I've managed to heed the cry of my debit card and refrain from any huge tartan expenditure. I don't think this inner strength will last long. It's freeeezing in Norwich and I've got my heart set on a tartan winter coat!

Alas, until I find one which will fit my student budget I'm stuck wasting my hours traipsing round shops and scouring ebay. Below I've made a little tartan covered wishlist all of which I'm adding to my 'When I Win The Lottery' list.

Hope you like it, and if anyone sees a budget tartan coat...let a sister know!

Red tartan faux fur boyfriend collar, River Island, £40 // Tartan and leather satchel, Cambridge Satchel Company, £140 //  Red tartan skater skirt, New Look, £17.99 //  Tartan ankle socks, Missguided, £3.99 // Tartan high wasted trousers, Urban Outfitters, £48 // Black and tartan contrast shirt, River Island, £15 // Leather collar tartan skater dress, Missguided, £14.99

Monday, 7 October 2013

Making Freshers A Home


Yeeeah I know most universities started a couple of weeks ago but the first few weeks are a crazy, vodka-ridden mess so I thought no one would mind this post being a little late. It was definitely true in my case that I didn't really feel settled into my halls until the third or forth week when I really began to make the room my own. I think moving away from home can be really hard so it's important to have a nice place where you can just relax. I picked a couple little things I thought would cute up any fresher room (or shared house room in my case *booooo second year*) and make it a little more homely.

I'll pop the links for everything below...

Hope you like it! xx

Skull Cushion // Alphabet "Eivor Ord" Bedsheets // Vintage Map Photo Frame // Green Clementina Photo Frame // Kasbah Fairy Lights // LED Candles // Floral "Emmie Söt" Bedsheet

Just a note: A lot of halls won't let you burn candles that's why I've put LED Candles here which I would realllllly recommend getting. They just make rooms so much nicer! Also, you aren't usually allowed to put holes in your walls so if you buy photo frames make sure they're ones you can stand up on shelves.