Sunday, 14 October 2012

Uni to know basis...

As I said in my last post I have recently started at university! This means I've moved away from my home, my family, my friends and everything I know and moved to Norwich (and believe me all the jokes about Norwich are true)
I was really scared about moving here because if I'm being totally honest I am not the best person at meeting new people and I love my hometown a little bit too much. But I love it here! So here's my dos and don'ts of moving for the big move to Uni...

1) The university 
Before you even send in your application or are offered a place make sure you look round your university! I literally can't emphasise this point enough! You're going to (hopefully) be living in this city for 3 years so it's really important that you make sure you like the city and the campus you're going to! I have a friend studying at a different university who didn't bother to look around the city...she texted me on the first day saying how ugly it was...not a good start!
My beautiful university campus
2) The course
Ok sounds like an obvious one but make sure it's the right course for you! Every university runs their courses differently so it's really important to look at the prospectuses of loads of universities and decide which course best suits you! For example, I'm studying history but I really wanted to focus on modern history so I chose a course with a lot of it in...simples! Also, it's sometimes a good idea to ask the professors questions before hand so you can make sure the layout of the course suits your learning styles - How many contact hours? how much reading? Exams or coursework?
I seem to spend most of my life reading now...
3) Halls
Leaving home is really scary and so obviously you're going to want to live somewhere nice when you finally do have to fly the nest so this next point is going to sound really weird doesn't matter where you live. Using myself as the example again - when I applied for my housing I applied for single bedroom shared bathroom and single bedroom en suite...I am in a shared bedroom shared bathroom. I was really nervous about sharing a bedroom and my friends at home all thought it was hilarious but it's not as awful as I thought it would be! For me, my bedroom is just somewhere to sleep and study - I spend most of time in my kitchen with my flatmates so don't stress about tiny bedrooms or sharing a sink...
Also, I'd say even if you're not leaving your hometown to go to University you should still consider moving into halls. I have friends who have stayed living at home and not only does it mean they have to travel a long way on days when they only have one seminar (I have a two minute walk) but also it means they miss out on a lot of Fresher events, flat parties, general getting-to-know-people.

4) Food
Eat proper food. SuperNoodles are neither tasty nor good for you.

My flatmate's homemade "meatballs"
5) Freshers
We all know the reputation Freshers gets. Drunken newbies puking in gutters whilst second and third years are out on the stalk for the vulnerable. Don't be scared of Freshers events they're really not as bad as the rumours make out! As long as you're as safe and sensible as you would be on a normal night out at home you'll be find. Don't walk off by yourself - only fools get left behind.

6) The most important rule of all
Have fun! If you got into University you're smart enough to be there and if you're smart enough to be at University then you're smart enough to sort out any problems you have along the way. Ok so that sentence was a bit wordy - but you know what I mean. Nothing's the end of the world, your mum is always at the end of a phone and Dominoes delivers until 5am. S'all good. 

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