Friday, 31 May 2013

Birthday Bonanza!!

Hellllo there, see I promised I'd be back again soon and for once I actually delivered.
On bank holiday Monday it was my birthday (chocolate cake in bed please!) so I was obviously given a few bits and bobs by my ever-so-generous family and friends. Thought I'd share them on here because I'm seriously chuffed with what I got.

I'm a major Soap and Glory addict and spend the vast majority of my time boring my friends and mum about how much I love it and how good it smells so it wasn't really a surprise to me when I got given a load of it. Some of the things I was given were old favourites like Hand Food which I am never without a bottle of. I was really excited to get some products I'd never tried before - especially the Glad Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner so I'll probs be sticking a review up of those soon.

My mum also added fuel to my growing nail polish addiction by adding two colours from the Bourjois Paris So Laque Glossy range to my collection. She picked 05 Taupe Modéle and 06 Adora-bleu (as modelled on my very chipped nails - "lasts up to 10 days" pah!) Love these colours and they're not ones I would normally pick which makes them even better! She also got me the Bourjois Paris Magic Nail Polish Remover. I'd seen this all over blogs and vlogs so I was totally overexcited when I unwrapped it! It's fantastic and works brilliantly (not so great on glittery nail varnish but hey what is?!). I don't know why Bourjois are trying to claim it's "red berry and vanilla scented" it's not, it absolutely stinks of nail varnish remover - but I still like it!

From friends I also got One Day on DVD. I went to see this in the cinema went it came out and loved it (well it is starring my best-friend-to-be Anne Hathaway) so my lovely friend Anna gave it to me. Another friend also gave me a copy of the boom The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid because it's his favourite book and he thought I needed to read it. I got this a few days before my birthday and I've finished it already. Can't recommend it highly enough!!

Again from my dear mother, a few items of clothing! I'm pretty sure these are all from TK Maxx but I'm not absolutely sure. I'm loving monochrome at the moment so I really liked the colours she picked. The collared shirt is absolutely amazing: contrasting patterns, button up collar it's like someone read my mind. The t shirt on the far right is adorable and pretty similar to a t shirt I
saw on Asos a while ago so I'm a fan of that too and the t shirt on the far left looks like a big lovey-dovey heart! N'awww

The pièce de résistance this year was this beautiful, leather satchel from my dad. I picked mine in a beautiful teal colour but there are loooooads of different colours available - it was a complete nightmare trying to decide! I am so utterly in love with it and cannot WAIT for uni to start again so I can show it off in all my lectures!! 

So anyway, that was my nineteenth...a pretty unimportant birthday but some wonderful gifts even so! 

Anyone else had a birthday recently? What d'ya get? I love having a snoop!
Just in case there's anyone out there gagging for a fight - this is obviously not a showing off post, if anything I'm showing off how wonderful my family  and friends are rather than my presents. I'm more than grateful for everything I was given and I just like to share things...


  1. Lucky girl! Hope you enjoyed your birthday, ps- Ive just followed your blog!x

    1. Thanks it was lush! I've just followed you back - your blog is lovely :) xx