Saturday, 2 March 2013

Pinterest my interest...

So after many days of persuasion from my flatmate I have signed up for Pinterest. Much like Tumblr, I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong, but I like looking at all the pretty pictures so I don't really mind.

Anyway, if you have Pinterest (I'm sure many of you out there do what with me being WELL behind on the trend) I would really appreciate a little bit of interaction on there. If you comment below with your username or address or whatever it is I will probably follow you

You can find me at there'll be a profile with my miserable mug on and a couple of boards. If you don't wanna follow that's can just tell me if I'm doing it right haha

On a sidenote, if you ever do read any of the posts on here please please please let me know! I would absolutely LOVE to hear from someone even if it's literally just a "hello. I read this." I would still appreciate it!! Thanks so much!

Dats wot ma profile luks lyk

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