Wednesday, 17 July 2013

But baby it's BOILING outside


For me summer is definitely not the most attractive time of year. Yeah there's a slim chance you might look sun-kissed and glowing, but if you're anything like me you're more likely to look sweaty, covered in insect bites with really bad tan lines. Despite all this there's some things you just gotta have in your bathroom cupboard during summer time, so here's a couple of my summer essentials

Johnson's Body Care Holiday Skin - I'm a pretty pale gal so at the beginning of summer I sometimes struggle to get my legs out without fear of blinding everyone! I absolutely love these tanning moisturisers which are all over the place now. When I first used it I was left really streaky but I bought it for "fair skin" so once you've got a bit of natural tan, the fakeness fades easily.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash - Pretty sure I'm keeping Soap and Glory in business, almost everything I use is made by then because they're MA FAVES! I love this body wash it smells so fresh and crisp and really wakes me up in the morning. It also leaves my skin really soft which is top priority when you get your legs out.

Soltan SunCare Lotion SPF 50 - Up until last year I was one of those awful people who's too lazy to use suncream. Unfortunately, last year I had a medical disaster which means I now have to wear Factor 50 on my feet (I may one day write a cautionary post on this...) It's probably one of the best decisions that was ever forced upon me. Suncream is an absolute necessity in this hot weather, even if you don't wear extreme SPF 50 like me it's so easy to add into your routine in the morning and it will save you so much hassle in the future. If you buy one like this Soltan one it's a moisturiser so it leaves your skin feeling lovely as well as protecting you against all sort of skin nasties.

Soap & Glory Girligo - I've fallen in love with this recently. It's one of those very liquidy moisturisers, almost milk like. Just give yourself a spritz all over after your shower or bath and there you go. It also smells deeee-lish (as per with Soap & Glory

Face Wipes - I haven't actually used these Simple Spotless Skin wipes for a while but I used to use them regularly and loved them. During hot weather I just think face wipes are a must have, especially small packs which can fit in your handbag. Disgusting as it is, everything gets stickier in the summer you don't wanna get caught out.

Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser - It's so hot at the moment and I am spectacularly lazy, this means I don't want to wear really heavy make up. I recently bought a Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser to replace my full foundation and I really love it. It's light and gives great coverage. The only thing I would criticise it for is the colour...a little too orange.

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly - Told you I love Soap & Glory. This is my go to perfume this summer, mainly because it fits in my bag but also because it smells like angels! A really light floral fragrance, I keep shouting "It smells like sherbet love hearts" at people...for some reason my friends still don't wanna sniff me. Perfectly light scent for the sunshine!

So what products are you loving this summer? Is there anything you can't live without? Lemme know so I can spend all my money on them!!

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