Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Dotty about Kate


So unless you've been living in a hole for the last 9 months you'll be well aware that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, had a little baby boy and yesterday he was introduced to us all. I know a lot of people might have a problem with the royal family and people are welcome to their own political views. Personally, I like babies and I like an excuse to drink so the more royal babies the better!

In the grand scheme of things, how Kate looked is completely irrelevant. She, like so many first time mums, looked lovely. Glowing, happy with just a pinch of petrified! Her dress was lovely and is definitely going to inspire a resurgence of polka dots on the high street, so here's a couple of things I've picked out before all things dotty are gone...

Polka Dot Playsuit, New Look, £24.99, Blue Bird Maternity Dress, New Look, £29.99

Really liked this denim play suit. Play suits are massively in this summer so it's a perfect way to combine this trend with Kate's style. The dress on the right is actually a maternity dress from New Look, so if you're expecting your own lil' bundle of puke this is a great option! 

Motel Anya Maxi Dress, ASOS, £45, White flats, Dune, £13, White Court Shoe, Debenhams, £19.60, Polka Dot Skinnys, ASOS, £21.50

A maxi dress is such a summer staple and I really like the shapeless-ness of this one (if that makes sense at all). If you're looking for something a bit smarter these polka dot jeans might be a good option. I always think skinny jeans look nice with a pair of smart heels so these are perfect for adding a little royal to your office. Speaking of heels, Kate stepped out yesterday in a lovely pair of little wedges. I couldn't find anything very similar to them but there's a lot of lovely white and nude shade shoes on the highstreet at the moment.

Light Blue Polka Culottes, New Look, £9.99
This is my favourite thing I found. I absolutely love the style of these culottes, a really flattering cut. Plus I think colours like this look really good with a summer tan!

So, did you see the lil' bubba? What did ya think? Or do you just not care at all? 


  1. Adore the jeans! I've been after some patterned jeans recently but was a bit nervous about all-out pattern, but those pretty dots would be perfect! Great post xxx

    1. Same here! I love patterned jeans, just trying to work up the courage to wear them out in public! xxx