Monday, 4 November 2013

"If We're Just Chemicals..." | Micah Purnell's Print Shop


Bluebell Kid Clark - Chemicals // Micah Purnell
So if you've ever caught any of my 'Quote Me On It' posts you might know that I have a bit of a love of words. I love quotes and sayings and I love love love them when they're printed in an attractive way! I spend many an hour scrolling through the 'quotes' section of Pinterest.

The Finger Black & White // Micah Purnell
Anyway I recently stumbled across Micah Purnell's work and I absolutely love it! It combines my two favourite things; wise words and pretty pictures! Micah is a Manchester-based graphic designer. His work is really reminiscent of advertising which I think is one of the reasons I like it. It looks like the adverts and posters you see plastered everywhere but it says something actually worthwhile (some of his work as even been exhibited as fly-posters)

40 mins, Day 20 // Micah Purnell
Bluebell Kid Clark, Fame // Micah Purnell
I don't know, I won't claim to be an art expert but I just really like Micah's work and I like the message behind it. You can check out what he has for sale here and learn more about him here (he'll say it all much better than I can)

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