Thursday, 21 November 2013

Winter homes are happy homes


If you've ever followed me on twitter (or low and behold met me in actual life) you will know I spend about 85% of my days moaning about how cold I am. I spend the other 15% moaning about how hungry I am.

But regardless of this, that cold snap between autumn and winter is probably my favourite time of year. I feel like it's the most interesting season for colours and sights and smells. I'm also quite a home-bird so the fact that it gets a bit colder and you're not expected to don a bikini and head to beach, or stay up all night eating undercooked barbecue food suits me quite well. I like a winter house to feel warm and cosy, like you just want to curl up with a book and eat marshmallows. (I'm not sure where I'm going with this - feel like I've slipped into some Beauty and The Beast alternate universe)

Anyway, basically I'm happy because winter home-ware is finally starting to emerge on the highstreet which means we can all stock up on blankets to get us through the harsh winter months! I've picked out a couple of things that I liked the look at in various winter ranges. I'm a big fan of candles, especially if they smell like Christmas and make the room feel like a little secret hideaway so that's definitely something I'm going to be investing in this season. Little touches here and there can make such a difference to a room especially when you're practically in hibernation.

Hope you like them, links in the caption as usual...

L-R Sequin Stag Cushion, Next // Tiffany's Gingerbread Cushion, H&M // Wooden Doily Coasters, Etsy // Stag Print Throw, Next // Stoneware Mug, Matalan // Foxy candles, Habitat // Fuschia Candle Holder, John Lewis // Polar Bear Duvet Set, H&M

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