Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Is this a weird thing to review? | Oral B Trizone 600 Sweeps


So recently I've been having some trouble with my teeth, tooth ache in my wisdom teeth, marks on my front teeth. Safe to say it's not that nice. I've always had some troubles with my teeth, I don't know why I don't smoke or drink coffee or eat that much sugar and my dentist said they're fairly healthy but I do suffer from a lot of toothache.

Anyway, I finally took my dentists advice and went an bought an electric toothbrush. I thought I'd give it a little review here, it's not exactly a beauty product but it is sort of cosmetic-y...

I didn't know it was possible to have any kind of emotional bond with dental care but I really, really like this toothbrush. I've only used it for a week and I can already see a difference in how clean my teeth look and feel! The main reason for this is the built in timer on the brush. The brush has a little buzzer which lets you know not only when the two minute advised  brushing time is up but also at 30 second intervals so you can make sure all areas of your mouth are cleaned equally!

It's also rechargeable which means you won't be forking out for expensive batteries every month. It takes about 22 hours to charge completely and lasts about a week. It's also impossible to overcharge which means the battery should last a long time.

The only small problem I had with the Oral B Trizone 600 Sweeps (apart from the ridiculously long name) was the plug. When I got it out of the box it turned out the charger only had a 'shaver plug' attachment. This meant I had to go out and buy an adaptor, which wasn't expensive but just a bit annoying...

Yeah so overall the Oral B Trizone 600 Sweeps is really good and even better, it's on half price offer at Boots! Love a good bargain...

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