Monday, 2 December 2013

Peg Leg


So it's officially December. How did that even happen? I'm pretty sure it was only just my birthday and now it's already Christmas. I'm never ready for the winter months in any sense. For example, at the moment I have absolutely no food in my house, very few jumpers and one pair of shoes. If I was a hibernating animal, I would die.

Anyway I always feel like winter is quite a hard season to fashion up. I know you can go all out with layers and knitwear but when it really comes down to it you're just going to plonk on your same old winter coat and cover up all your hard outfit-planning work. That's why this season I really want to get into trousers. I usually just stick to my trusty black skinny jeans but that's getting thoroughly boring and difficult to smarten up or look interesting.

At the moment I'm totally loving peg leg, skinny fit trousers. They look really great in patterns or as a statement block colour (like the beautiful colbalt blue pair from Boohoo I've included below). I also think they're a great alternative to boring ol' denims especially in a season where (if you're anything like me) your obsession with keeping warm limits your outfit choices. I am desperately searching for the perfect pair that I think can work for me.

So here's a little collection of some of my faves from around the tinternet. I absolutely love the patterns on some of these espesh the bold zebra print of the River Island pair. Because I'm quite short I sometimes worry about bold patterns like that but I definitely want to go try them on in store. As we are entering the festive season I couldn't stop myself from including a sparkly sequin pair. Believe me you're about to see a whole heap of sequins this December!

Lemme know what you think, or if you've seen any nice ones around for me to try on heehee!

Blanid Sequin Trousers, Missguided // Monochrome Grid Slim Fit, New Look // River Island Zebra Print, ASOS // Mango Floral Print, ASOS // Nicole Jacquard Skinny Cigarette, // Jenna 7/8 Tapered Trousers, Boohoo // 

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