Monday, 21 January 2013

DIY Lace/Dabbed Nails

So I recently saw a tutorial for this on YouTube...I'm not totally sure if I like the effect. Right now I think it looks a bit messy and I kinda wish I'd chosen different colours but you live and learn eh? The idea of these is it's meant to make your nails look like there's lace on them or that they've been dabbed in a vaguely impressionism-esque way. So here's how I did it...(I am aware that these photos are shocking quality - sorry)

Firstly, choose your base colour. I used BlackOut from Rimmel's 60 Second line and Purple from  La Femme Beauty. You can of course do all your nails the same colour I just chose to do my ring finger differently for extra effect...
Apply a few coats to get good colour and then apply a top coat to keep them well painted. I used a Primark one which came with my Crackle set...

Ok I forgot to take a picture of the next step but you need to cut squares of cling film or Saran wrap or whatever it is you call it and scrunch it up into'll need about 5 of these? Don't scrunch them up too tight these will give your nail varnish the texture...
Apply the other colour you are using in blobs across the top of the nail 
Using the cling film/Saran wrap dab at the paint on the top of the nails with a medium amount of force, enough to spread the paint but not so much that you take it off completely. It should look a little something like this...although probably better. Apply a top coat and you're done.

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