Friday, 8 February 2013

DIY Stencil Nails

I really like changing up my nails and having cute little designs on them so when I saw a tutorial video of how to do stenciled nails on Michelle Phan's YouTube I knew I had to give it a go...

For this look you will need some plasters, 2 colours of nail varnish (1 will be the base and one will be the design colour and a top coat)
Firstly paint your base coat colour. This can be whatever colour and arrangement you want. I chose to put the white accent on my ring finger because this was the one I was going to have the design on but if you're planning on putting the design on all your fingers you'll need to paint your nails accordingly... Then apply a top coat
Next, take a plaster and cut off the ends of it (around the squidgy bandage bit)
Then cut your design into it. This can be any shape or pattern you decide, I did a heart because originally these were going to be Valentine's Day nails. The best way to do this is to fold the plaster in half and cut half the shape this ensures it'll be even! It's really important that you check your shape will fit on your nail otherwise the design won't work at all.
Then stick the plaster on your nail where you want to pattern to be. When I did this I found that the plaster was a bit too sticky and it pulled some of my base coat off so I think it's worth taking some of the stickiness off first. I did this by sticking it to my hand for a couple minutes before sticking it to my nail
Paint over your stencil in your chosen colour. Make sure to get right to the edges of it so it looks clean and cut
Take the plaster off, add a top coat and finito! A nice little stenciled heart on your nails
Overall I wasn't a massive fan of this method, it seemed a bit overcomplicated for something you could probably just do with a striper and a steady hand but if you're like me and don't possess either of those things it's probably worth a shot! I didn't like the way it pulled at the base coat and made it look messy but a good top coat sorted that out...

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