Monday, 12 August 2013

Carry on Camping | FieldCandy


So unfortunately the summer seems to be drawing to a close. But luckily for us the weather seems to be staying lovely for a while so no excuse not squeeze a last minute holiday in! So for all you outdoor fashionista types I've discovered a new company that will turn your camping into glamping!

FieldCandy is a UK based company which aim to "inject colour, creativity and fun" straight into your tent! They've got all sorts of gorgeous designs which will suit everyone, ranging from simple, sophisticated patterns to kooky photos!

These tents definitely have the designer price tag you'd expect ranging between £400-500. But considering how beautiful the tents are and what good quality they are, if you're willing to spend that much I don't think it's money wasted! The tents are completely waterproof, galeproof and breathable.

For now I'll have to stick to my leaky, green tent. Not exactly the height of fashion but these are definitely going on "when I win the lottery" list!

Toorde Boontje // Big Top // Don't Be A Leopard

Fully Booked  // What A Melon // Out Of A Suitcase


  1. I love the watermelon one! :-) x

    1. It's so cute!! You'd definitely be able to find it in a crowded festival haha xx