Monday, 30 September 2013

Finally, my baby... | Review - Maybelline Baby Lips

Helllo there,

I've been hearing about Maybelline's Baby Lips for so so long, every blogger, vlogger, everyone and their grandma seems to be raving about them. So the other day when I saw an advert for them I developed this sudden need to own them (I can't help it - I'm a sucker for adverts!). To be honest, I didn't even know they were available in the UK - am I going crazy or were they only available in America for a while? 

I was really excited about trying Baby Lips because I love lip balms, my lips get dry very easily in the winter so I've always got a good stock of lip balms in my bag. Also, I struggle finding lipsticks with really good staying powder and I always just end up with the edge of my lips being covered in lipstick and looking like a scary clown!

Anyhoo, I popped down to Boots and the odds were in my favour; Buy One Get One Half Price! Yes please and thank you! I obviously bought two, which was a struggle for me as they had it in 3 different colours! I picked Pink Punch and Peach Kiss, mainly because I always go for red colours so I wanted to try something a little difference.

Overall, the product is lovely and I'd definitely recommend it! It's really soft and makes your lips feel really smooth. They also smell delicious and fruity - which I always think is very important if you're going to put something that close to your nose. However, as with all things there are a couple of things I don't like. Firstly the packaging. To me, it looks a bit cheap, like something you might get in a stocking when you're 13. Something about the colours and the font - I just don't like it.

L-R: Pink Punch, Peach Kiss
Also, (as you can see in the photos above) the colour pay-off isn't fantastic. When you first put it on you can see a bit of a tint but this goes pretty quickly. I prefer Peach Kiss to Pink Punch just because it's more of a baby pink than I was expecting. I really want to try the red Cherry Me just to see if that's a bit more pigmented.

But don't let any of that deter you. I really do like the product overall! It's a great lip balm just not brilliant if you're looking for a strong colour.

So have you tried Baby Lips? Which colours? Do you like them? 


  1. Great post! I really want to try these! Agree with you on the packaging, it's a bit dated! X

    1. It's such a shame! It's a really nice product but the packaging lets it down! xx