Monday, 7 October 2013

Making Freshers A Home


Yeeeah I know most universities started a couple of weeks ago but the first few weeks are a crazy, vodka-ridden mess so I thought no one would mind this post being a little late. It was definitely true in my case that I didn't really feel settled into my halls until the third or forth week when I really began to make the room my own. I think moving away from home can be really hard so it's important to have a nice place where you can just relax. I picked a couple little things I thought would cute up any fresher room (or shared house room in my case *booooo second year*) and make it a little more homely.

I'll pop the links for everything below...

Hope you like it! xx

Skull Cushion // Alphabet "Eivor Ord" Bedsheets // Vintage Map Photo Frame // Green Clementina Photo Frame // Kasbah Fairy Lights // LED Candles // Floral "Emmie Söt" Bedsheet

Just a note: A lot of halls won't let you burn candles that's why I've put LED Candles here which I would realllllly recommend getting. They just make rooms so much nicer! Also, you aren't usually allowed to put holes in your walls so if you buy photo frames make sure they're ones you can stand up on shelves. 

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