Thursday, 20 June 2013

Caramel Apple Muffins | Recipe

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So my relationship with my dad is basically a life long episode of Great British Bake Off! We are constantly trying to out-bake eachother with our amazing creations. So what better occasion to show off my baking prowess than Father's Day? I concocted a recipe for Caramel Apple Muffins using an Edd Kimber recipe for Apple Pie Cake and a basic muffin recipe and the results were here ya go

First off preheat your oven to 200 c. Then in your bowl beat 2 eggs with 200g of caster sugar. Beat them until all the sugar is dissolved and your eggs are frothy
Add 100ml of oil (this can be any kind of oil but I wouldn't recommend using Olive Oil...the taste is too distinct) and 125 ml of milk and beat these in. The oil might separate a bit and go to the top of the mixture but don't worry it'll sort itself out as soon as you add the dry ingredients
Fold in 400g of plain flour 
Add 4 (yes 4!) teaspoons of baking powder! If you don't want to use baking powder you can use self raising flour. It'll work I just find that the mix of plain flour and baking powder works a bit better...
Cut up 2 green eating apples (I used golden delicious but any kind will work). Add this to pan with around 60g of butter and 60g of sugar. These measurements are vague because it depends how big your apples are - you need to make enough caramel to coat the apples. Also, this works better with brown sugar, I used white because I didn't have any brown but brown sugar gives you a more caramel-y taste...
When your apples are soft all the way through and your caramel is cooked then sieve  your apples. Pop your caramel sauce back on the hob to thicken it up a bit (make sure you keep an eye on it - sugar burns really easily and the first time I made these I ended up with charcoal...) 
Scoop out about 2/3 of your muffin mixture into muffin cases, then put a layer of the caramel apple. Then cover the apple with the remaining muffin mixture (I hope that makes sense). If you want you can just stir your apple into the muffin mixture but I prefer doing it this way because it creates a kind of 'pocket' full of yummy fruit!

Drizzle your caramel sauce over the top of the muffins and pop them in the oven for about 13 minutes. Stick a skewer in, when it comes out clear they're ready! Woohoo! 

Enjoy with a thoroughly deserved cup of tea! 

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