Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Life's a Bleach | DIY Bleached Tie Dye


Ok don't know if I'm the only person who has this problem but I absolutely hate it when something is in season that I know I could do at home for a fraction of the price! I'll be shopping and see a lovely tie dyed pair of leggings (for example) but my brain just won't let me buy them! NO TOPSHOP I WILL NOT FALL FOR YOUR FAUX-FESTIVAL MARKETING!!

Anyway, tie dye is totes all the rage at the mo. This is something I used to do loads when I was little, like my wardrobe was just full of tie dyed items so why not do it now? My lovely friend Jennie made a tutorial to remind us how to do it which you can read here (it'll be much better than mine)...or you can read mine

So you'll need just a normal t-shirt. I bought this one from Primark for like £3. I think they call it 'The Boyfriend T Shirt' because it's oversized and you can wear it with leggings woohoo! (This photo just shows how much I need to start ironing...)

Lightly dampen your t shirt using a sponge or a spritz bottle or whatever you have to hand...

Take your t shirt in one corner and twist it into a spiral thing. Keep twisting til all the material is twisted up...

Something like this...but keep twisting. I found this bit the most difficult because I am unbelievably heavy handed so don't worry about being too precious about it. 
Secure it all with elastic bands or string. You can fold it over whilst you do this, it doesn't have to stay in the spiral
Then cover your t shirt in bleach. You're probably going to want to put it in a bowl because, remember, bleach will bleach EVERYTHING! I managed to bleach my garden table whilst doing this...
And leave it for about half an hour...

Ta dahhh! Yeah...I wasn't expecting it to turn orange either haha! 
Hang it up to dry! It'll probably change a bit because it's still got the bleach on it working away so if you're not happy with it you can leave it and if you're dead happy then rinse it off straight away...
So I left mine overnight to bleach more and it looks like this now...a bit odd but I kinda liiiiike it! Wear it with pride and you can look super indie hippy everywhere you go (plus leave the faint smell of bleach yummm) 

So you gonna give it a go? If you do, put them on instagram and tag me (@maisiemaizz) so I can see if your's worked out better than mine (it definitely will...)

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