Monday, 24 June 2013

I love the free stuff | Review - Garnier Moisture Match


Garnier Moisture Match - Tailor-made moisturisers?
 If there's two things in life I love it's free testers and moisturisers! I am self-proclaimed queen of the moisturisers, I have one for every kind of occasion, skin type or body part you could imagine. If anything it's getting a bit ridiculous!

Oooo love a bit of packaging! 
Anyway, when I saw a big ol' advert for Garnier Moisture Match I knew I wanted to try it so I sent off for a little free tester and then it arrived and now I am going to write about it and you will read it and YAY!

Anyway, the tester came with three little sachets in. There is nothing I hate more than those stupid squeezy sachets that moisturisers get put in - they are the worst invention EVER! But I persevered anyway. On the website you had to pick the moisturiser you thought would be best for you which meant I was very confused when three samples arrived but wotevs.
This is the one I tried...possibly 'Start Afresh'?

I've only tried one of the little sachets so far, the one which is designed for 'normal skin'. I'm pretty sure the one I used was the 'Start Afresh' but the packaging was not crystal clear so I can't be sure. If so, Garnier promised me 'SPF 20' combined with an 'extremely lightweight and oil-free texture' (also some gubbins about 'light reflecting particles' to make me look like I've been at the beach...)

I really can't decide how I feel about Garnier Moisture Match. It was definitely a nice product and it smelled nice which is always a bonus! My skin definitely feels less dry.
My face afterwards. Oh maaaan why is my skin always so shiny?!
Despite all this, my face feels a little oilier than it does with my usual moisturisers and I definitely don't have a 'just-got-back-from-the-beach glow' (maybe that's just because I am ghostly pale...). I do like the product but I just don't think I'll be buying it. I'm definitely going to give the other sachets that came in the pack a try - I'll keep you updated...

Have you used Moisture Match? Which one did you use? Did you like it? 

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