Tuesday, 15 October 2013

It's the most spookiest time of the year | Black Milk - All Killer No Filler 2013

Well hey there,

It's October, it has been for a while but this year has gone so quick I feel like I've only just really realised it is! I quite like October as a month. Firstly, autumn FRICKIN' RAWRKS! Winter coats and wooly jumpers yes please. Also, 31st October is the spookiest of all the holidays, Halloweeeeen!! I love halloween because it combines all my favourite things; dressing up, sweets and drinking.

Anyway, I'm going to do a little series of posts in the week running up to Halloween but I thought I'd add in a little extra early one, forget the tricks I'm all about the treats...

Black Milk is a brand I've fallen mildly in love with recently. I think it's because I have the penchant for novelty clothes which Black Milk fulfills in every kind of way. They've done some amazing collections before but their halloween ones really are something special. I love how out there the designs are, they steer clear of a lot of the halloween stereotypes which makes it that much cooler.

Black Milk definitely has a bit of a price tag but from what I've heard about them the quality is well worth it! I feel like the pieces would work really well if you've been invited to a halloween party but dressing up is not your cup of tea. Chuck a pair of leggings on with a t shirt or a body suit on under a pair of shorts and you've got yourself an instant go-to costume which will last you a good couple of halloweens!

I have found myself particularly lusting over the 'Mechanical Mermaid' leggings wishing my bank balance (and figure) was a bit more forgiving to that much lycra!

So do you like Black Milk? Have you had a look through their collections - they're really something! 

P.s I'm trying to be a lot more active on my blog at the moment so hope you like the more regular posts. If you have any suggestions for other posts plzzzz let me know...

Zombie Nation Skater Dress, $85 // Dem Guts Swimsuit, $95 // Mogwai Swimsuit , $100 // Corpse Bride Leggings, $85 // Mechanical Mermaid White Leggings, $75 // Bee Skater Dress, $85 // (All prices shown in AUD) 


  1. Wish I could wear this kind of tight fitting Lycra! Have been tempted by disco pants as I've heard they can be slimming! Xx


    1. I tried on a pair of disco pants once and promptly put them back on the shelf haha! Wish I could pull them off though! xx