Sunday, 13 October 2013

Where I've Been | Club to Catwalk at the V&A


Last weekend I headed down to London for the day. I originally went down to see my mum and go to a protest (because my mum and I love conventional mother-daughter activities). Anyway, whilst we were down there we decided to head to the V&A and have a look round the 'Club to Catwalk' exhibition they've got there at the moment.

The exhibition showcases some of the best that the eighties have to offer! Including work from Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Betty Jackson and so many more - it's a who's who of London fashion.
Trojan and Mark at Taboo, 1986, copyright Derek Ridgers.
The exhibition was really interesting in that it showed not only the designer, catwalk pieces but also the amazing garments that people were wearing to go clubbing in! I'm telling you, people in clubs dress like slobs these days compared the masterpieces that the V&A were showing! It made me a little sad that these beautiful clothes were sat on dummies in a museum when they were made for dancing and drinking but I loved looking at them so I definitely wasn't going to complain!

Clubbing in the 80s looked amazing. It's not something I knew a huge amount about but there was loads of information about some of the most famous clubs in London (Blitz, Billy's, the Club for Heroes) and their extremely selective dress policy.

The Cloth, Summer Summit, 1985, copyright Anita Corbin.
There was also some fabulous videos of the catwalks in the 80s including the likes of Boy George and Suggs strutting their stuff! The models looked like they were having so much fun, such a change from the Fashion Week catwalks we see now!

The big highlight of the exhibition for me was the iconic highway man outfit worn by the actual Adam Ant! I'm a big fan of Adam Ant and I couldn't quite believe I was really stood in front of his very own leather trousers whilst loads of other visitors seemed to be breezing straight past them!
Stay Alive in 85, Designed by Katherine Hamnett, 1984, Copyright Victoria & Albert Museum, London
If you love a bit of lycra and a good sprinkle of sequins this is definitely the exhibition for you! It was only 5 quid for a ticket and I spent at least an hour and a half in there. The care and detail that was put into the clothes made them works of art. Definitely worth a visit!

Unfortunately you weren't able to take photos in the exhibit...but I've included a few from the website and included the copyright. 

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