Friday, 25 October 2013

Make It Highstreet | Halloween Idols - Emily/Corpse Bride


For me, halloween isn't complete without a good Tim Burton film. Growing up, 'Nightmare Before Christmas' was a staple in my video collection, I watched it obsessively (even though the oogie-boogie man terrified me). 

At first I thought about having Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas as one of my 'Halloween Idols' but then I started thinking about other Tim Burton animated characters and I thought of Emily from The Corpse Bride. Emily's clothes are really ethereal and although a wedding dress might not be great everyday wear for everyone (shame) the draped yet constructed style does make for good autumn-wear.

Blue isn't a colour I wear a lot of which is a bit of a shame really (must rectify that). There's so many different shade of blue and dark navy, like the colour of these shoes works really well in the colder months. Also I think darker or more extreme make up works better in the winter. In the summer the last thing I want is a load of make up sweating around on my face but when it's a bit more wintery why not try a more out-there lip colour?

If you are thinking of dressing up as Emily for halloween it seems like it's a pretty easy look. You could either do it a casual way with a drapey skirt and some blue eyeshadow or go all out using this tutorial! Whatever way it'd look pretty cool.

Hope you're enjoying this little series...lemme know who you're dressing up as this year